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All Linda could think about on her way home was how glad she would be to see Maxx. It seemed really funny that during one of the lowest points in herlife she could find a lover like Maxx. After her husband had left with the kids Linda thought she would never be able to have a loving relationship again. But Maxx had changed that. She was so anxious (and horny) that she hadremoved her panties before leaving the Animal Clinic so she could finger her cunt on her way home.

Linda began by stroking her inner thighs, the outer lips. Working her way through the folds to the dark red labia below. She teased her clit at the stoplight wondering what the people in the car behind her would think if they only knew what she was doing. She frigged herself home stopping just short of climax as she pulled on to the dirt road that led to her small frame house. Hurrying inside, she dropped her purse on the sofa. There was no sign of Maxx, where could he be? "Honey, where are you?", she called. A stirring in the bedroom soon alerted her to Maxx's whereabouts.

"Stay where you are Lover, I'll be in; in a minute", she chimed. She slipped into the bathroom and peeled off her dress. She was a buxom, strapping woman; Amazonian in height and perfectly proportioned except for a massive set of tits. Her short, dark hair framed a lovely face that showed off the qualities she had received from her Latin mother. She cupped her breasts, feeling the weight of them, she then began to gently brush the large, brown nipples; deliting in the sensation produced when they stiffened. "Not bad for 38", she thought. After a few minor adjustments to her make-up she made her way into the bedroom. Linda stopped short upon entering the door. She felt a wave of passion overtake her as a drop of her love juice trickled down her leg.

Maxx was laying on the bed in all his glory. Maxx was a Labrador Retriever. It was funny how her relationship with Maxx had begun. He had been found abandoned on the road side all wet and mangy. Linda's heart went out to him when the Vet brought him to the clinic. She found some sense of relief when the Dr. pronounced him well but underfed. Since her job was grooming she made a special effort with Maxx and had him looking fit in no time. She had grown quite attached to Maxx and was thrilled when the Dr. gave him to her. "Something to keep you from being so lonely", the kindly old man said embarrassedly. Linda had only thought of him as a pet until that fateful night. She was watching TV; alone and horny, struggling hard to keep her mind off her lust and on the show. She faced a long night of dildoing her self into a frustrated slumber. Her reverie was broken by Maxx. A soft lapping sound startled her, it was Maxx licking his cock. Linda tried not to notice but soon found herself fingering her slit. Intrigued by her moans and the scent of a female in heat Maxx sauntered over to her and began to sniff her crotch. Linda was stunned, his hot breath aroused her. Opening her robe she slid off her panties, Maxx began gently licking her snatch, his tongue spreading her pussy lips and working up towards her clit. Linda let him lick until she came in a violent rush. But the dog didn't leave, Linda soon found out why; Maxx was sporting a massive erection.

On impulse she began stroking his cock, she hadn't held one in her hands for so long. Carried away with the moment she coaxed him to the bedroom and on to the bed, where she ate cock like never before. The next morning she was in a turmoil, what she had done shocked and embarrassed her; still the forbidden encounter had exited her. By the end of the day she had reasoned that while it was taboo to do such a thing, she needed fucking bad and since there were no suitable men in town what could it hurt. That night she let the dog mount her, he fucked her nonstop with his huge cock through several Earth-shattering orgasms. Linda entered the bed room.

Maxx was lying on her bed, his shiny black fur contrasting with the cream colored bed spread, the tip of his pink cock just beginning to show out of it's furred sheath. Linda could see his swollen balls hanging out between his back legs. Linda slid on to the bed, "Oh Maxx,"she said softly, "it looks like you need it as bad as I do. " She began to rub her body across his back, her already erect nipples brushing against his sleek coat. The sensation sent waves of pleasure coursing through her, she could feel her lust starting boil. The juice of her wet cunt began to trickle on to him, as the stiff fur teased her pussy. She pressed her cunt down on his back harder, causing the lips to spread and the fur to caress her throbbing clit. Her love juice mingled with his animal scent and the aroma drove her wild. Gently she placed her open mouth near his and let his tongue slide in.

In his own way Maxx tried to understand their relationship. He had owners before, providers he called them, but none like this. The last one had treated him like shit, never feeding him half the time, kicking him around when he came home drunk. Now he was on a dream ticket, not only was the food regular, he felt like he was the master, and not the pet. Sure at first it was strange but this human female could do things no bitch could. He couldn't believe it when she first put his cock in her mouth, no female Lab would ever do that. He enjoyed it when she would strip off her strange covering and climb into a warm bath with him, especially since it usually ended up with a long, hard fuck session.

She was always in heat, sometimes he felt like he could get no rest; but never the less she always got him off. No matter how, or when she made sure he had shot his load, sometimes in her mouth; sometimes in her cunt. All he had to do was show up with a hard-on and she would oblige, sometimes she tried her damndest to give him one. Linda had worked herself into a good lather, she stopped caressing her body with his, "Now for the fun stuff", she said. She coaxed the canine on to his back, straddling him below the ribs in the process. Bracing herself on the headboard of the bed she lowered her breasts down towards his face. Maxx responded by licking first one and then the other. Linda gasped as his rough, pink tongue passed over her large brown nipples, each stroke bringing closer and closer to climax. Maxx lapped greedily for a time not understanding why, or what she was doing. Then she did something he understood. Remaining in her kneeling position she leaned back and supported herself with both hands, thrusting her cunt towards his face and ever present tongue. This he knew about. He had done this plenty of times to dog bitches, but they had never seemed to enjoy it as much as she did. Linda reached down with her left hand and spread her pussy lips, letting the Lab lick the inner folds and letting his hot breath tease her erect clit, her vaginal fluid flowing out in torrents. Maxx lapped up all he could, the remainder dripping down on to her asshole. The dog tired of this quickly, and soon stopped. Linda sighed as her body shook on the verge of orgasm. Lifting herself up she moved around to Maxx's right side.

"I know what puppy wants", she said playfully. She reached down and began stroking his half hard cock with her right hand, fondling his ball sack with her left. The dog liked this and resopnded with a growl. His cock began to stiffen and slide out of it's sheath. Linda looked at the pink rod, it was at least seven inches long; from tip to base, but she could only get four of it inside her since his furry foreskin was so close to his body. But four inches was enough, she bent down and kissed the tip; her tongue emerging from parted lips to tease the head of his cock. She set her lips to the tip and began gently sucking the head, the dog began to wiggle; his balls tightening in her hand. She let go of the head and began lightly licking up and down the shaft evoking even more growls and whimpers from Maxx. Moving around between his back legs, Linda took his ball sack in her mouth, rolling each firm testicle around in her mouth.

By now small drops of the dog's pre-seminal fluid had begun to trickle out of his cum hole. Discovering this Linda moved back up to the head of his cock and plunged it all the way into her mouth, letting it bulge out of her right cheek. She began to move her head up and down, fucking him with her mouth. She lightly squeezed his balls, while running her tongue around the whole of his rod. Even more of his pre-cum seeped out. Linda savored the taste, moaning while she sucked, finally tightening her lips around the base and slowly sliding the prick out of her mouth. Straightening herself up, Linda straddled Maxx again; forcing his back legs apart with hers. Slowly she guided her cunt down onto his canine prick. The sensation of it's pointy head parting the folds of her pussy sent a chill through her. She began to ride his cock, at first slowly; then picking up speed. She alternated between long down thrusts, delighting in her ass touching his canine balls, and short quick strokes. Each movement sending a wave of heat through her loins. She could feel her own juices rolling out of her cunt, lubricating the dog's pole. She moved up and down on top of him, until she felt a hot spurt inside her.

The feel of the dog's cum surging in her cunt bringing on the final rush of orgasm. She dismounted Maxx, who immediately stood up. Linda noticed that his cock was still stiff. Realizing that he was still not satisfied; she climbed off the bed and knelt down on all fours, bending her back in a way that indicated herreceptiveness. Maxx understood this and quickly mounted her. She guided hisrock hard, glistening, shaft to her asshole; luckily soaked in her own cunt juice. The dog was in his own element and quickly exhausted himself by banging away at her tight asshole. Linda came when he did, an even greater amount of cum than before flowing out of her ass and on to her thighs. Linda sighed as she drug her limp body onto the bed; easily slipping off into an exhausted slumber, little knowing what lay in store for her and her passion for non human sex. LINDA AND THE ANIMALS Linda was more than pleased when her boss asked her to watch his farm for a few days. She had been feeling a little down and the thought of spending two or three days in a secluded rural setting appealed to her.

She arrived after work, the Vet had already left and had placed a key under the mat. Linda had brought Maxx along, why she didn't know. Lately he seemed to have lost interest in her. She setteled herself and had just sat down in the den with a good book when Maxx began to whimper to be let out. Linda did so and returned to her book, she read for some time when a sound outside alerted her. Looking out side she discovered Maxx fucking one of the farm dogs. "Well, if you're going to be that way. . . ", Linda yelled as she closed the door. She was furious, she had been screwing him exclusivly for the past 6 months and now this! Fed up with the whole situation she went to bed. She awoke bright and early, as one does in the country. After a light breakfast she peered outside, there was no sign of Maxx. Linda decided that there was more to the world than just Maxx, so she decided that she would find someone esle to roll in the hay with. Oddly enough she decided to opt for a four legged partner instead of a two legged one since they didn't play with her head like a human would. They just fucked you until they lost interest and them moved on. With this in mind she stripped off her robe and headed out the back door to see what she could find on the farm. "Besides, a nice walk in the nude will do me good", she said to herself. She stepped outside letting her body soak up the sun's warmth. It was a fine spring day which seemed to make her all the more hornier. A few feet out the back door she encountered a two paths, seeming to lead to and from the house. She opted to take the one that seemed to lead the farthest away. There was much activity in the forest. Although she knew it would never happen, Linda wished that she could befriend some of the wild things she glimpsed as she walked. Particulary the large, powerful buck she saw from afar. The thought of his power as he slid his cock in to her made her pussy burn.

Naturally Linda sat down and fingered herself into a roaring orgasm. Walking on a little farther she came to the kennels. The vet had told her about this. He kept several animals, especially circus that were too old or sick to preform, that needed special care in a small kennel. Looking around she saw several dogs; but after Maxx she really didn't care for any canine companionship, there was also assorted cats; too small for her taste, and a toothless, sick, old, male lion. The size of the lion's prick excited her, but, she didn't trust his claws. She stopped anyway to finger her cunt when a movement in a pen farther down caught her eye. Moving on carefully she came to the last cage. In it was a gorilla. Not only a gorilla but a gorilla who was jerking off. LINDA OF THE APES Linda moved closer, watching the gorilla manipulate his massive member, she had heard that apes deprived of sexual partners did so.

Something about the gorilla's cock attracted her. Linda walked up to the stout metal facing of the cage and peered closer. She was startled when the gorilla began to move closer to her, but the cage was a strong one, with a face mad of iron that was held closed by a bar across the top. Obviously he was tame. Searching around she found some peanuts that the vet kept around to treat the gorilla. She took a handful and lured the gorilla closer. The gorilla never being one to pass up free food came forward, motivated by curiosity as much as the prospect of food. He had never seen a human out of those strange thing they draped over their bodies. As he moved closer he began to get a whiff of her pussy. Linda watched with growing amazement as his cock grew harder and thicker. She was overwhelmed, never before had she been in contact with a creature; two legged or four, that asserted itself so masterfully. In fact the power of the gorilla mesmerized her, she felt like bowing down an worshiping his prick. The gorilla edged towards her, reaching out to grab the peanuts in her hand. As he was busy cracking open the shells, Linda reached down and began to stroke his cock lightly, hungrily regarding it's full ten inches. Out of pure instinct combined with lust the gorilla, still totally absorbed in the peanuts, thrust his prick out until the tip just cleared the bars of the cage. Linda bent down and gently began to run her tongue across the tip, tasting the pre-cum that had welled up in the head.

The ape grunted his assent, and thrust his huge member out even farther. Linda licked down the shaft to the base of his cock, surprized at how human it was; yet how animal. Looking up she saw that the gorilla had dropped the peanuts and was standing there glassy eyed. Wrapping her lips around the head she took the ape's cock in her mouth, surprized that she could manage it's girth with out dislocating her jaw. The ape responded by moving his prick back and forth. Linda reached down and cupped his swinging balls, and began to gently squeeze them. This drove the ape wild, he began to hump her mouth; moving deeper with each thrust, until his prick was almost down her throat. As he stroked deeper and deeper, Linda fingered her cunt, rubbing her clit madly as her cunt juice ran down her legs; each thrust brought her face closer to his fur covered belly. The gamey odor of his body excited her; as his pleasure grew he began to rattle the bars of his cage. Linda was surprized that she was not frightened in the least, she was totally absorbed in sucking his cock.

The gorilla rammed his tool home, each thrust causing Linda another surge of pleasure. She felt totally dominated by the ape, like she was there as a slave pleasing her master. The gorilla picked up the pace, each stroke bringing him closer to orgasm. With a grunt of self satisfaction he released his load. Linda felt his balls jump in her hand as the hot, thick, jizm exploded from his cock. It felt like a gallon had spurted out, splattered on the back of her mouth, and gushed down her throat. As his semen began to flow Linda felt herself go weak and an orgasm ripped through her. Sucking the last precious drop out she slid her mouth back along the shaft of his rod, stopping to lick the cum off the tip. Linda savored the wild taste of his cum, much more so than she had Maxx's; or any man's. She tenderly kissed the end of his still rigid cock. The gorilla snorted and wearily slunk to the back of his cage, resting with his back against the back wall; his dick standing straight up. It was clear that he was tired but not satisfied. Linda reached up to the top of the cage and undid the bar that held the door shut. She edged her way in, the ape didn't stir; prefering to rest. Linda moved slowly towards him. The gorilla looked up at her wondering what she was going to do. Linda reached down, stroking his gigantic cock. Bracing herself against the walls of the cage, she swung her legs around, positioning her pussy over his cock.

Slowly she lowered her self down, feeling a wave of lust flow through her as the head of his cock parted the outer lips of her cunt. Linda slid down as far on his pole as far as she could, the ape responding with a grunt of satisfaction. The sheer size of his member amazed her, what amazed her even more was that she could take nearly all of it. Her pussy griped his cock tightly, the position she was in adding to the pressure. The gorilla was amazed, he had seen plenty of humans but none like this. Strangely, Linda began to mull the situation over in her mind. Was what she was doing wrong? Somehow she just couldn't see why. After all weren't they living creatures like herself? She felt shame at first, but the idea that this kind of relationship was taboo only excited her more. Linda moved up and down on the apes cock, each stroke causing it to probe deeper and deeper. She had never felt pleasure like this, her cunt juice flowed down her thighs, the odor of her juices mingling with the wild odor of the gorilla's fur; the scent of their union intoxicating her like no wine could.

The gorilla was captivated by her actions. He bouncing tits fascinated him, he reached up and laid his hand heavily on one, exploring the soft, silky, texture of her skin. Reaching between her legs he explored the folds of skin around her pussy as it worked it's way up and down his shaft. This unexpected caress sent a jolt of extasy through Linda. Involuntarly arching her back she lost control of herself and began to cum like she had never before. A deep low moan came out of her and rose steadily into a high pitch. Her pussy tightened on the apes cock causing him to come also. Hot, white, semen flowed from his balls out through his shaft, rebounding off her insides and flowing back down Linda's thighs. When it was over Linda felt completly fullfilled. The ape had crawled over in a corner and was sleeping. Quietly she staggered toward the cage door and left, her pussy tingling but sore. As she wearily made her way back to the house she wondered what she would do now that she had experienced the ultimate fuck. EPILOGUE Linda visited her simian friend again before she went home, enjoying herself even more. The ape learned quickly to let her do the work and sit back and enjoy. She wondered tearfully if she would ever she the ape again. As luck would have it the old vet's wife died soon thereafter. It wasn't long before he was under Linda's spell. She married him hoping that she would be able to peroidically visit her animal lovers.

Much to her delight his sex drive was almost nonexistent leaving her relatively free from an sexual demands. She found many opportunities for a good fuck in the kennels. But eventually he caught her, mortally afraid of what would happen, Linda was surprized to find out that the sight of her fucking the animals arroused him and not being disposed to satisfy Linda physically he was content to beat his meat while she humped any of the animals. He even encouraged her to branch out, supplying her with different animals. Linda was thrilled, with his approval and encouragement she set out on an oddesy of animal sex. She soon overcame her fear and finally sucked off the old lion in the pens. But she didn't just stop there, she went on to try other species of apes, dogs, pigs, bulls, rams, horses, and even a young elephant. But she never forgot her ape and with herhusband watching she regularly satisfied all three, finally fulfilling her lust for animal love.
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