Animal Sex Stories

hard ride

I’d been practicing speed riding through trees. If you ever want to scare the shit from yourself try it. Sometimes I don’t know why I do it, I’ve spent days in bed and pain from honing my riding skills. That day was a little different, an hour dodging trees had produced no meaningful injuries. My mount on that day had been Tarna, she is a Bay mare with dark chocolate fur and black main and tail. Tarna’s an odd horse with a big feminine head and a large, very muscular body. Her legs are a little shorter than most making her a very fast animal on hills and woodlands. I’d been running her hard and the sweat soaked her whole body, making her slippery and hot to the touch. I walked her to the old shed to hose her off and to sit down and let my aching legs straighten out. I’m not sure what happened, usually I’m too tired or injured to attempt sex after such a work out. It was probably left over adrenaline with nothing better to do than fiddle with my sexdrive. When I removed Tarna’s saddle the moist heat under my hands bought forth a strong drive to see just how hot she was. After all, no one’s around for miles and Tarna’s always willing, sometimes I think she just doesn’t care, she’ll either put effort into it and back up and play around, or she’ll just squat a bit, lift her tail and let me go. I took off her bridle and began massaging her taught muscles to bring her mind and body to ease. Starting from her neck I slowly worked my way down her body, I could feel my sexual tension building as I worked, having hot horse sweat dripping through my fingers can do that to me.

My hand slid smoothly from the top of her thigh to explore the steep valley of her behind. The heat between her hind legs was intense and dripping wet. She flicked her tail a side, like the good horse she is, giving me a better view of what I was doing. I just played for a while thinking of the good times we’d had and how beautiful and giving she is. She stood still with her eyes half closed as I gently rubbed her sweat glossed, black pussy that seemed to burn. Her inside color had changed from pale pink to bright pink. I slowly eased my right fore finger into her and then another, and then another ( I’ll never put in more that three). I slowly moved them too and throw using my other hand to gently part her lips so I could enjoy the show in more color. She was hotter than I’d hoped I soon found my patience to send in the big gun was running low. My fingers felt cool outside of Tarna even though it was a warm day. I picked up a block of wood that I keep just inside the shed, that block and I go way back, and placed it behind my mate. Tarn looked around as I placed the block, she knew that I wanted some and I knew she’d give it. There was just one little thing left before I could get this bestiality thing happening, just take my jeans off. You think that’s the easy bit don’t you? My wet fingers fumbled that dam little button jeans have, some how it got stuck and it took some time to free it. Once free from my temporary set back the jeans came off with haste, I unbuttoned my flannelette shirt and let it hang from my shoulders.

I stepped up and placed a hand on Tarn’s thigh and one on my impatient dick. Tarna looked around and held her tail to the side, she likes eye contact when I go in. I slipped inside her while looking her in the eye, my composure melted in Tarna’s heat. After she turned back, I looked down at my fully entrenched cock thinking what a great contrast her sweat glossed black lips made with the pink of my shaft they held. She was hot, really hot, usually I can go for quite some time but I knew in these conditions my limit would be short. Tarna seemed too tired to make an active contribution. I these cases it can be a little difficult to simulate her enough to make a physical difference, but I know a few tricks. I started slowly from a high angle, driving downwards with long slow strokes, using my free hand to pull my dick against her top lip on both strokes. After preparing the ground I changed my position to one that always gets her turned on. I squatted as low as I could without slipping out, placed my knees on each flank and gently squeezed.

In this position I slide up and down instead of back and forth, as I go up I stimulate the lower part of her vagina causing her to contract her pussy ( munching I call it) this makes her tighter on the in stroke and she relaxes on the out stroke. The feeling you get is hard to describe, it’s like hot jelly that holds you for a second and then lets go. This position has another advantage, it’s totally silent ( great for suburban romps when you don’t want the neighbor to wake up to frantic slopping coming from outside). My thighs slid over hers, lubricated by mutual sweat. Tarna started to show signs interest, her butt got lower and lower and random twitches began to run through her body ( watch this if you don’t know the animal as it can mean their ready to kick the shit out of you) and mine. I couldn’t hold on any longer, I pushed up as I pulled down on Tarna making sure I could reach no further, and blew. Animals can always tell when you blow in them, if you see them notice it (a twitch or prick of the ears) you’ve done well. If they don’t well, maybe next time. After zipping up, I hosed my beast clean, washing away the tell tale white streak I’d added to her pussy. Tarna loved the cool water ( as always) and the grooming that follows. She then set about her life as a horse until her next calling.
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